Vanilla Pancake Combo (Pack of 2 - Made with Sorghum, Oats, Moong dal, Dates & Jaggery)

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  • Super blend (Sorghum (Jowar), oats, Moong Dal, little millet), unrefined brown sugar (sulphur free), Natural Banana Powder,curd Powder , Skimmed milk, Jaggery, date powder, Vanilla extract, Baking powder (Alluminium free), Natural Identical flavour, Iodised salt


Our ‘Wholegrain Vanilla - Banana Pancake is made of wholegrain like millet, Oats and real fruit. This high-fibre, wholesome pancake mix is made to fuel your little one’s tummy and well-being: 

  • Sorghum, a rich source of calcium and magnesium that keeps your child’s gut health in check and helps improve bone density. 
  • Oats plays a very important role in the body of a growing kids; Oats, a rich source of protein, fiber, Vitamin B and B6; to help your child stay active all day and boost their immunity.
  • Moong Dal, a great source of protein and folic acid; that helps maintain healthy brain function, improves metabolism and is essential for growing tots.
  • 100% Natural Banana Powder is power-packed with potassium and other vital nutrients that helps in the development of a healthy brain in babies as well as helps in building their immunity. 
  • 100% Natural Date Powder, rich in fiber, antioxidants, iron, and other essential vitamins; helps support your child’s overall growth and development.
  • Natural Vanilla Extract is a powerful antioxidant that boosts skin nourishment in kids, and also improves mental health.


#1. In a mixing bowl, take 1 cup of Vanilla Banana Pancake Mix 

#2. Add 1/2 cup milk or water and make thick batter. Also can add 1/2 cup melted butter or one whole egg and rest for 5 minutes.

#3. On a heated pan pour the batter and cook on both sides

#4.  Serve with honey or maple syrup. 


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