At Hungry Koala, we have the highest standards for everything we make - What’s inside your kids’ food matters! After all, that’s what we feed our own children too.

Loaded with the goodness of nature, all our products are free of artificial preservatives, colors, flavors and hydrogenated fats. We’re on a nutrition mission to feed children the purest, crafted-organic food without compromising on quality, taste and nutritional value. We strike the perfect balance between flavors kids love and ingredients parents want! Health and nutrition of children is at the core of what we do.


To provide real food, clean ingredients for your kids’ tummies!

Our products are scientifically backed by a team of a pediatrician father, devoted mother, nutritionist and scientist; focusing on daily nutritional requirements of children, palatability and trusted products for ages and stages. From toddlers to bigger kids, we deliver healthy, nutritious meal packages to your doorstep.


There’s nothing more important to us than what we feed our children and yours. With Hungry Koala products, choosing quality is easy! We’ve teamed up with an ethical group of farmers who ensure our ingredients and grains are grown organically, without the use of toxic pesticides, which allows us to protect our environment for generations to come.

We’re committed to sourcing high-quality, fresh ingredients; stepping away from mass production to guarantee fresh, wholesome and power packed produce.

Possessing the ‘India Organic’ certification mark, Hungry Koala conforms to the Indian National Standards for Organic Products.


Hungry Koala is a brainchild of a thoughtful mother and a pediatrician father, who after the birth of their child were on the lookout for healthful, nutritive and clean food options to introduce to their 6 month olds’ diet. They were left dismayed going through the available kids food on store shelves. The aisles were dominated with food labels that listed out preservatives and artificial sweeteners. The fact that the available kids' food options had zero to negligible value of nutrients; the duo was convinced that they needed to get wholesome ingredients that matter into children's food and omit every possible addition that they would never want to feed their own kids.

Hence, born was the mission to ‘Clean Up’ the kids food segment. This ignited a spark that only grew bigger and brighter.

We created ‘Hungry Koala’ to support parents with nutrition-first meals by offering easy to prep, worry-free options that can inspire a lifetime of clean and healthy eating for your little ones' bellies. Our food is not only ‘clean’ but also power packed with nutrients and thoughtful, healthful ingredients.

“Our research was initiated with the support of our in-house Pediatrician, as to what the real nutritional essentials are in terms of clean, organic ingredients to help kids reach their full potential at every stage and every developmental milestone. Our extensive library of research aided by our team of nutritionists, food scientists and pediatricians created what we call our masterpiece-Hungry Koala.”

Welcome to the world of children’s food that provides clean and real nutrition for your little one’s growing brain and body. Also, just so you know… Our panel of testers consist of two hungry koalas - our very own little ones!



"Our baby Heshika is 9 months old and her weight was always a concern as she wasn’t growing well. After starting Cereyum Ragi banana and Oats Khichdi within one month we saw significant improvement and from 7.9kg she gained weight and reached 8.8kg. It’s organic and naturally made without any preservatives."

Mom of Baby Heshika

"First time we started Hungry koala's Cereyum. It is good. Child is enjoying the taste of Cereyum (sprouted moong and date cereal). The beauty about this is it's all natural with no artificial flavours.Best option for kids."

Mother of Likhit

"It's really one of the best product in the market for kids , my kid like it and it helped her to gain weight.We are using two products of it in our daily use, we give ragi banana in morning and moong & dates in the evening and i can tell you that it's really a magic in food😋"


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